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Pink, Richard (2000) Strong approximation for Zariski dense subgroups over arbitrary global fields. Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 75 4 608-643 [Article]


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Pink, Richard (1998) Compact subgroups of linear algebraic groups. Journal of Algebra 206 2 438-504 [Article]


Larsen, Michael J. ; Pink, Richard (1997) A connectedness criterion for l-adic Galois representations. Israel Journal of Mathematics 1-10 [Article]

Pink, Richard (1997) Hodge Structures over Function Fields. Mannheim [Working paper]

Pink, Richard (1997) Motives and Hodge structures over function fields. Mannheim [Working paper]

Pink, Richard (1997) The Mumford-Tate conjecture of Drinfeld modules. Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences / Kyoto University 393-425 [Article]


Pink, Richard (1996) Compact subgroups of linear algebraic groups. Mannheim [Working paper]


Larsen, Michael J. ; Pink, Richard (1995) Abelian varieties, l-adic representations, and l-independence. Mathematische Annalen 561-579 [Article]


Pink, Richard (1993) Classification of pro-p subgroups of SL_2 over a p-adic ring, where p is an odd prime. Compositio Mathematica 251-264 [Article]


Harder, Günter ; Pink, Richard (1992) Modular konstruiert unverzweigte abelsche p-Erweiterungen von Q(zeta_p) und die Struktur ihrer Galoisgruppen. Mathematische Nachrichten 83-99 [Article]

Pink, Richard (1992) On l-adic sheaves on Shimura varieties and their higher direct images in the Baily-Borel compactification. Mathematische Annalen 197-240 [Article]

Larsen, Michael J. ; Pink, Richard (1992) On l-independence of algebraic monodromy groups in compatible systems of representatations. Inventiones mathematicae 603-636 [Article]

Pink, Richard (1992) On the calculation of local termns in the Lefschetz-Verdier trace formula and its application to a conjecture of Deligne. The Annals of Mathematics 135 3 483-525 [Article]


Pink, Richard (1990) Arithmetical compactification of mixed Shimura varieties. Bonn [Book]

Larsen, Michael J. ; Pink, Richard (1990) Determining representations from invariant dimensions. Inventiones mathematicae 377-398 [Article]


Katz, Nicholas M. ; Pink, Richard (1987) A note on pseudo-CM representations and differential Galois groups. Duke Mathematical Journal 57-65 [Article]

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