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Schwanecke, Christine (2018) Exploring fragile relationships in the twenty-first century : love and marriage in David Nicholl's One Day (2009) and Mark Haddon's The Read House (2012). Trier 173-185 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2017) Mobile people, weapons, and data streams; mobile audiences and theatre spaces : Rimini Protokoll's Situation rooms as a globalised theatre experience. Journal of Contemporary Drama in English 5 2 358-371 [Article]

Schwanecke, Christine (2017) Data streams, post-human lives, and (virtual) realities : Jules Horne's Gorgeous Avatar (2006). Tübingen 145-165 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2016) Theatre, narrative, and cultural change on the early modern stage : Richard Brome's A jovial crew (1641/2) at the dawn of the English Civil War. REAL : yearbook of research in English and American literature 32 145-167 [Article]


Schwanecke, Christine (2015) Filmic modes in literature. Berlin 268-286 [Book chapter]

Berning, Nora ; Nünning, Ansgar ; Schwanecke, Christine (2015) (Trans-)national criteria, norms and standards in literary studies : a comparative analysis of criteria-based 'ex ante' evaluation forms of funding proposals in the humanities. Germanisch-romanische Monatsschrift : GRM 65 1 115-135 [Article]

Nünning, Ansgar ; Schwanecke, Christine (2015) The performative power of unreliable nNarration and focalisation in drama and theatre : conceptualising the specificity of dramatic unreliability. Berlin 189-219 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2015) 'Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte' : Sympathielenkung in Leanne Shaptons literarischem Fotoexperiment. Heidelberg 193-205 [Book chapter]


Berning, Nora and Schulte, Philipp and Schwanecke, Christiane (2014) Experiencing space - spacing experience : concepts, practices and materialities. Trier [Book]

Berning, Nora and Nünning, Ansgar and Schwanecke, Christine (2014) Reframing concepts in literary and cultural studies : theorizing and analyzing conceptual transfers. Trier [Book]

Schwanecke, Christine (2014) Exploring the Intersection of Space and Experience : An Introduction. Trier 1-19 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2014) The Metaphorical Concept of Reframing : Its History, Problems and Heuristic Value. Trier 39-53 [Book chapter]

Berning, Nora ; Nünning, Ansgar ; Schwanecke, Christine (2014) Unpacking 'Traveling Concepts' and Introducing the Notion of Reframing, or: How to Work with Concepts and Come to Terms with Conceptual Transfers. Trier 1-35 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2014) Intertextuality & Intermediality : Where Literature Meets Literature and/or other Media - Or, A Get-together of Lizzie Bennet, Bridget Jones, and Keira Knightley. Trier 283-300 [Book chapter]


Basseler, Michael ; Nünning, Ansgar ; Schwanecke, Christine (2013) The Cultural Dynamics of Generic Change : Surveying Kinds and Problems of Literary History and Accounting for the Development of Genres. Trier 1-40 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2013) 'Turning Points and Falling Bodies' : Literary Investigations into the Cultural Life of the Catastrophe of 9/11 and its Aftermath. Germanisch-romanische Monatsschrift : GRM 63 3 383-391 [Article]

Nünning, Ansgar ; Schwanecke, Christine (2013) Crossing Generic Borders – Blurring Generic Boundaries : Hybridization as a Catalyst for Generic Change and for the Transformation of Systems of Genres. Trier 115-146 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2012) Intermedial storytelling : thematisation, imitation and incorporation of photography in English and American fiction at the turn of the 21st century. Trier [Book]


Schwanecke, Christine (2011) Erzählen in Anlehnung an die Photographie und mit der Photographie in zeitgenössischen Romanen - zwei Fallbeispiele. Trier 135-152 [Book chapter]

Nünning, Ansgar and Rupp, Jan and Kusche, Sabrina and Schwancke, Christine (2011) Medialisierung des Erzählens im englischsprachigen Roman der Gegenwart : theoretischer Bezugsrahmen, Genres und Modellinterpretationen. Trier [Book]

Schwanecke, Christine (2011) John Irving’s A Widow for One Year and Tod Williams’ The Door in the Floor as ‘(mult-)i-conic’ works of art. Amsterdam [u.a.] 405-422 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2011) Metareference in Marianne Wiggins’s Literary Photo-Text The Shadow Catcher and Other Novels Referring to the Photographic Medium. Amsterdam [u.a.] 145-168 [Book chapter]

Schwanecke, Christine (2011) Learning Martin Amis' "The Last Days of Muhammad Atta" (2006) : die (Weiter)Entwicklung von Lese- und interkultureller Kompetenz anhand einer postmodernen Kurzgeschichte. Heidelberg 199-218 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2009) Don DeLillo, The Body Artist. Trier 111-121 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2008) Anaylsieren, Strukturieren, Argumentieren. Stuttgart 78-90 [Book chapter]


Schwanecke, Christine (2003) Entsorgung. Bär, Jochen A. Von "aufmüpfig" bis "Teuro" : die "Wörter der Jahre" 1971 - 2002 Mannheim [u.a.] 4 [Encyclopedic article]

Schwanecke, Christine (2003) Eureka. Bär, Jochen A. Von "aufmüpfig" bis "Teuro" : die "Wörter der Jahre" 1971 - 2002 Mannheim [u.a.] 4 [Encyclopedic article]

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