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Brandt, Philipp ; Schrank, Andrew ; Whitford, Josh (2018) Brokerage and boots on the ground: Complements or substitutes in the manufacturing extension partnerships? Economic Development Quarterly 32 4 288-299 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hoffman, Mark Anthony ; Cointet, Jean-Philippe ; Brandt, Philipp ; Key, Newton ; Bearman, Peter (2018) The (Protestant) Bible, the (printed) sermon, and the word(s): The semantic structure of the Conformist and Dissenting Bible, 1660–1780. Poetics : Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts 68 89-103 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Aven, Brandy ; Hillmann, Henning (2018) Structural role complementarity in entrepreneurial teams. Management Science 64 12 5688-5704 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Brandt, Philipp ; Whitford, Josh (2017) Fixing network failures? The contested case of the American Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Socio-Economic Review 15 2 331-357 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hillmann, Henning (2013) Economic Institutions and the State: Insights from Economic History. Annual Review of Sociology 39 251-273 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hillmann, Henning ; Aven, Brandy (2011) Fragmented networks and entrepreneurship in late imperial Russia. American Journal of Sociology : AJS 117 2 484-538 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hillmann, Henning ; Gathmann, Christina (2011) Overseas Trade and the Decline of Privateering. Journal of Economic History 71 3 730-761 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hillmann, Henning (2008) Localism and the Limits of Political Brokerage: Evidence from Revolutionary Vermont. American Journal of Sociology : AJS 114 2 287-331 [Zeitschriftenartikel]

Hillmann, Henning (2008) Mediation in Multiple Networks: Elite Mobilization before the English Civil War. American Sociological Review : ASR 73 3 426-454 [Zeitschriftenartikel]


Böhm, Timo ; Hillmann, Henning (2015) A closed elite? Bristol’s Society of Merchant Venturers and the abolition of slave trading. Bradford [u.a.] 147-175 [Buchkapitel]


Guijarro Usobiaga, Jan (2015) Personality Traits and Social Inequality. Open Access Mannheim [Dissertation]

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